A Greenfield operation , Arihant Multi-Fibres Ltd. was started with public participation in 1993 continuing the organization’s tradition and expertise in manufacture and trade of Jute. This company is the largest and most modern Jute Mills in Nepal equipped with the Latest Technology of Jute manufacture. Arihant Multi-Fibres Ltd. has all types of modern & quality machines manufactured & supplied by James Mackies & Son’s, Belfast, Ireland. It has machines like Goods Spreader, Full Circular Finisher Cards, Mono Head DOM, S. G. Drawing Frames, A. D. Spinning. This unit is capable of processing 25000 M.T. of Jute Per Annum with strength of 4500 trained and efficient workmen and having a powerful visual management system. The company is largest single entity in the manufacturing sector.

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Our Products


Our Jute Yarn is equipped with modern machines like Ring Frame which delivered


Various quality of Hessian Fabric like Double Wrap Canvas, Tea Bag Fabric are produced


Our Jute Yarn unit is equipped with modern machnes like Ring Frame which delieverd


Food grade jute sacks like Atwill, btwill, D.W. Flour Bags, Heavy Ces Bags, Sand Bags

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Gajanand Pareek
Executive Director, Arihant Multifibres Ltd

Sunsari, Nepal


[email protected]
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